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Top Ten Insider Tips for the Auction

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hi! It's Betsy and Jane again, the co-chairs for this year's Auction. This is the second year we've co-chaired the event, and we've attended and volunteered at many more. It turns out we've learned a few things along the way, like what to wear, how to prepare, and strategies for making the most of the night. We got together and made a list of the top ten things we wish we had known earlier.

1. Line up your babysitter for the Auction and beyond, just in case you want to keep the party going! Many parents grab a drink with others afterward. You could even organize a slumber party for your kids at someone else's house. If you have the time after the Auction and don't have to rush home, we could always use help taking down the decorations. If you do stay and help, bring a change of clothes and shoes. We'll provide the wine!

2. Speaking of clothes, there is no real recommended attire. Just wear your favorite look for an evening out with friends! We've seen everything from jeans to sparkly cocktail dresses at past Auctions; wear whatever makes you feel your best!

3. Be prepared to elbow and scratch your way to the most popular Auction items like signed sports gear or the final spot for the laser tag sign-up party. Oh, wait. We forgot. That was last year! This year, our new mobile bidding system will keep us all civilized.

4. Let's talk more about this new mobile bidding system. We are really excited about it. It will encourage us to mingle more (because we won't be hovering over bidding sheets), and will hopefully make the event even more engaging and fun. We'll have spare chargers and iPads on hand, but definitely bring your phone if you can. We'll have coaches there to answer any questions if you get in a pinch. Lots more details and instruction to come!

5. When we release it in a couple of weeks, take the time to read through the Auction catalog carefully. You'll be amazed to discover Billy's mom is a rodeo clown, or Tasha's aunt is a famous actress, or that Jeff can paddle a canoe! The time, talent, and treasure offered through this event are inspiring. Bonus: your newly acquired knowledge will make for great conversation starters while mingling at the Auction or even while watching a Middle School basketball game!

6. As we all prepare for the Auction, keep in mind that it's sometimes more fun to bid on something (like the pool party!) as a group. If you want to go in with others on an item or sign up your kids for the same party, coordinate in advance so you don't miss out the night of the event!

7. Ask an Auction veteran about the food and beverage setup so you know where to get the good stuff, whether that means pinot, pasta, or Perrier for you! New and exciting this year is the participation of New District Brewing Company, a family- and friend-owned business built from the ground up right here in Northern Virginia, and a favorite of several members of our staff!

8. Start thinking of a strategy for how to artfully transition your "Kids Creation" Auction item out of the house if said item was completed on a day when your child was feeling, let's say, less than inspired. Let's be honest, we've all been there! New to Burgundy and not sure what "Kids Creation" is? We won't ruin the surprise for you!

9. Want to get a sneak peek at the gym transformation and the Auction items while having a good time with good friends? Volunteer to help set up the gym. There are loads of available time slots including Friday evening and Saturday morning before the big event. Food and adult beverages included!

10. We know this is a tough time for many. Remember, reduced priced tickets might be an option for your family. You'll be getting more information on that soon. We care about our community, and we care that the Auction is a true community event. We will work with you to make sure you can be there if you want to support Burgundy and its financial aid program.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to once again co-chair this special event. We hope these tips are helpful and have you counting down the days to this year's "Reaching for the Stars" Auction!