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Staff and Faculty Departures and Updates

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Each spring we have to share some bittersweet news and inform you about members of the faculty and staff who are retiring or moving on at the end of the year.

People and relationships are the heart of Burgundy! While we are sad to see any teachers or staff moving on, we are excited for people who have such incredible careers and made such enduring contributions as they begin new chapters in their lives. We take solace in the fact that they will always be a part of the Burgundy family. 

Vicki Hayes, one of our most long-term and beloved teachers, Connie Fleres, Visual Arts and Arts Electives teacher and a department chair for many years, and Allison Niedbala, a longtime administrative staff person, Advancement team member, and, most memorably, perhaps, Special Events (Auction and Fair) Coordinator, together have contributed several decades of service and offered immeasurable gifts to our students and our community. And although we wish each well in retirement and are excited for their moves, we will miss each dearly.

Connie, a practicing artist whose work has graced this campus (see her sculpture 'Freedom' near the Gym and Middle School, that you've driven and walked past every day!) and who instituted many programs including the Burgundy Arts Festival, will move to Atlanta near her grandchildren.

Allison, who has so capably and selflessly led our Burgundy auction and Fall Fair events for many years, also has decided to pass the torch.

Vicki, who in the past 15 years has taught in first grade, middle school, and now 2/3, and who has been a Burgundy parent and grandparent, also is retiring and moving to Oregon to be with her fast-growing family and especially her grandchildren. Vicki has been a most influential teacher and a trusted colleague and ally to students and parents.

We look forward to hosting an event this June to honor our long term employees. Stay tuned!

Also, Mary Iannone (Art) and her husband and baby are moving back to the Midwest. And Joanna Ashton (Library) is moving back to the UK with her family. Thank you, both, for everything you have done for Burgundy during your time here!

Searches are in motion for these two positions and also for a new Facility Manager. (Jerry Vaughan, Assistant Plant Manager, is leading the maintenance team meantime.)

Additionally, we have recently hired a new Accounts Manager, Anne-Marie (pronounced “Anne-Mary”) Schmidt.

Finally, with middle school enrollment bouncing back we will move back to three sections of humanities and math in each grade (graduating class has been running with two sections), and we are planning to staff back up by one section in math and humanities and are interviewing accordingly for a part-time teacher.