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Professional Development Report: Mindfulness

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mindfulness increasingly is taught in schools to help students focus their attention and manage their emotions, behaviors and social interactions. This year Burgundy will partner with Minds Incorporated, a local organization dedicated to teaching students, educators, and parents mindfulness practices that build, along with social and emotional learning, awareness and concentration, compassion, and creativity.

Teachers read The Mindful Child over the summer and will take part in regular training sessions through the year, both on professional development days and during faculty meetings. One of these sessions occurred during work days at the beginning of September. These trainings will first focus on building a mindfulness practice in our own lives and then move towards using those practices with our students.

We invite parents and guardians to read The Mindful Child as well (there are several copies in the library), to participate in the social and emotional evening events held by school counselor, Pat Harden, and to join us this winter (date TBD) for a session with the Minds Incorporated instructors.