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Parking and Carpool Reminders

Friday, May 18, 2018


As we prepare for a host of on-campus events, we wanted to share some reminders about parking. Please always be careful and aware of your surroundings when driving on campus. We need your help to maintain a safe environment for all!

On campus, parking spaces are delineated to maximize parking efficiency — please respect these lines.

Carpool Lane Parking

  • Outside of morning and afternoon carpool times, briefly parking in the carpool lane is generally allowed (e.g., when picking up a student early or dropping off late).
  • All cars should be moved out of the carpool lane by 2:45 p.m. ahead of afternoon carpool.
  • During special events, please park along the curb at a diagonal angle to allow more cars to park along the carpool lane.

Neighborhood Parking

  • Please be considerate of our neighbors and others in our community when parking along the streets near campus. Do not block or turn around in driveways, and do not compromise safe and clear lines of sight near intersections.
  • During afternoon pick-up our carpool line often extends down the hill (north) on Norton Road, so please do not park on the campus side of the street (west side; to the left, as you exit campus) to facilitate the carpool line staying out of the lane of traffic. As you enter campus, please be aware of the cars trying to enter or exit the driveway at the Norton house Advancement office.
  • Fairfax County ordinance prohibits parking within 10 feet of a driveway. Police can ticket cars parked in these areas if a homeowner calls to complain; we know Burgundy families have received warning tickets in the past.
  • Be aware that Burgundy and Norton Roads are bus routes for county mass transit. Cars that interfere with those routes may draw attention from Fairfax County police.

Morning and Afternoon Carpool

Carpool Map
Click to view a map of afternoon carpool

DO ...

  • Drive the speed limit and stop at stop signs in our neighborhood.
  • Observe a strict 5 mph speed limit on campus.
  • Keep children’s seat belts on until you have fully stopped at the drop-off station in the morning.
  • Drop off students curbside before you park if you are staying in the morning.
  • Line up for afternoon pick-up on gravel drive and along Norton Road north: from Telegraph Road, continue on East Drive past Burgundy Road, bearing left to join Elmwood Drive. Continue on Elmwood until taking a left turn at Norton Road to join the carpool line waiting to turn right.
  • Pass these reminders to au pairs and other carpool drivers!

DO NOT ...

  • Allow children, even with you, to walk across the carpool line of traffic! Drop them off first.
  • Back a car out of a space or into traffic during carpool. No exceptions, please!
  • Use a hand-held cell phone or any distracting device while moving in your car!
  • Drive past the lower carpool line, unless being waved through by a Burgundy staff person!
  • Drive on the wrong side of the road or drop-off circle.
  • Drive more than 5 mph as you exit campus.
  • Idle. While waiting for afternoon carpool to start, shut the engine off, please.