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Nearing the End of This Year's Journey

Friday, May 18, 2018

This afternoon, I’m returning from the Cove, having spent some quality time at our incredible Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies campus with the Viceroys. Rain is not the weather we hope for when we set out to the Cove, but I can tell you that seeing so many shades of green, even in the rain, is somehow grounding and delightful, and seeing our kids so engaged, with little care about the weather, is always inspiring!

Cove trips also are the surest signal that the school year is racing to completion! Hold on!

Ready or not, final everythings begin in earnest in mid-May: the musical (8th graders’ last production, aside from graduation), the 4th-5th grade Medieval festival, the 8th grade rocket launch, and various other classes’ culminating expositions, as well as, this year, the 6th-7th grade Shakespeare elective performance, and finally — much-anticipated by the classes — the final swims and class parties! The last day of school also includes a Moving Up celebration. More soon on that! It feels sudden, even to me, to refer to the last day of school, but it’s only three weeks away!

Viceroys Cove ball
Rain during the Viceroys trip didn't stop a game of Coveball.

It’s the time of year when I have to remind myself that it’s less important (to some degree) to get each thing on a list done and more important to experience some of the moments and really ‘be in the moment.’ One way I’m accomplishing that is by being at the Cove, however briefly, with my child’s class. Many other years I have spent a night or two with the 8th graders at Wilderness Adventure. This year I’ll try to visit many of the different classes’ final activities. I’ll also enjoy the annual reception for 8th grade parents, the final board meeting and celebration of retiring trustees, and each of the last days of school.

One of the things that keeps us educators coming back each year is that there’s a phenomenal renewing energy in life cycles and rituals, the transitions and the traditions, of a school year. There can be some anxiety and stress for everyone in the crush to wrap up everything, and in anticipating change, which everyone handles differently; but there is also the opportunity to celebrate the journey.

Every year is a different journey. Whether it’s been the most magical or harder-than-average (sometimes we learn and grow even more in those years), it’s been our year together, in each one of our classes and peer groups, and this is true for the adults as well as the students. Savor all for which we have to be grateful! Thanks for all the support for me, our staff, and for Burgundy.