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Mother's Memories Lead to a Memorable Gift

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Just before the school year began, Burgundy received a generous donation online to our Annual Giving Fund. The donor was not listed in our records so I contacted her about her connection to Burgundy and she shared this story:

My mother, Wilma, attended Burgundy many years ago. In fact, you may not have been an official school when she attended. It would have been around 1945/46, under the name Wilma Bailey. If it helps, her parents were William and Dorothy Bailey. My mom struggled all her life with school, however, throughout her life she spoke fondly of her time at Burgundy. The animals were her favorite.

Angel the miniature horse
A portrait of Angel, one of Burgundy's
miniature horses, by Cassidy, 8th grade

I did some research and found that Wilma attended Burgundy in 1947/1948 for one year only. I emailed her daughter back and shared that the animals were still an important part of Burgundy and shared a couple of photos. She wrote back with this lovely message:

When she died last year I gave careful consideration of what I could do as a memorial for her. I was very happy to learn that Burgundy was still open and serving kids  . . . . Helping to instill a sense of self-efficacy is so important, especially so for people who learn and think differently. She spoke of her time at Burgundy just about to her dying day.

Almost 70 years later this alumna still remembered her one year at Burgundy and how it changed her life.


What memories do you cherish from your time at Burgundy? Let us know.

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