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A Model UN Recap

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Over the weekend, a group of our Middle Schoolers traveled to William and Mary where the university's international studies students host the Middle School Model United Nations conference annually. To prepare for the conference students have been meeting after school on Fridays to learn about the United Nations and consider real-world problems past and present. Their final preparations included writing a position paper, which meant they had to understand their assigned UN committee, research their committee topic or issue, and devise possible solutions to that problem.

At the conference, students become delegation members representing various nations and debating real world issues. Our "delegates" were in committees Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. During committee sessions, they follow the rules of parliamentary debate, give speeches, discuss issues, and draft resolutions.

This was our third year at the conference, and it was once again a success. Middle School teacher Cara Will gives us a daily recap of the weekend's events!

Day One

Day one was packed! The train ride went smoothly, and we arrived at the hotel around noon. After eating lunch, everyone settled into their rooms and relaxed for a bit before getting ready for the conference. 

Once on campus, delegates experienced the joys of the all-you-can-eat dining hall. I'm pretty sure most braved the long line for self-serve ice cream.

After the ceremonies, they proudly joined their committees for the first session which ended around 9:45. Then we went back to the hotel and off to sleep before an early start the next day!

Day Two

While the day was soggy, it was productive. Delegates were in committee sessions from about 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM and returned with stories of breaking news and revised resolutions. At pick-up, we perfected our dash to the conference shuttle buses and made it back to the hotel for a little rest and a change of clothes. Fueled with another night of campus dining hall cuisine (actually pretty tasty), the kids headed for the conference social night where there was dancing, crafts, trivia, and general chatting.

The social gathering was followed by quiet hang out time and lights out.

Day Three

On Sunday, we traveled home tired and content! That morning, the delegates wrapped up their final resolutions and played some fun games in their committees. The conference was officially over around 12:30, and we headed for our celebration lunch.

Luckily it wasn't raining which made for a lovely walk to the restaurant. After lunch, we wandered around the Colonial City and then did some shopping. We leisurely made our way to the train and relaxed a bit before climbing aboard. 

All delegates should be very proud of their hard work. The Burgundy team worked hard, traveled well, and had fun! We are also very grateful for our tirelessly helpful chaperones, Ama, Charlie, Geraldine, Lee, and Karin. We couldn't have done it without you.