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Life after 8th Grade High School Fair

Saturday, October 6, 2018

This Wednesday evening we hosted 70 local, regional, and national independent schools at the annual Life after 8th Grade High School Fair. Our gym teemed with activity. This was our first time hosting the event, which is geared mostly to 8th graders who will be moving on to high school next year, though plenty of our 7th graders and a few 6th grade families attended. Burgundy, by my count, has sent students in the past decade or so to at least 30 of the schools who attended. These include day and boarding schools, coed and single gender schools, Catholic and other denominational schools, small schools and huge schools, traditional and less traditional, and nationally renowned schools as well as newer independent schools. Our graduates also attend at least ten area public schools.

Although a high school fair, not unlike a college fair or job fair, can resemble speed dating, our kids excel at speaking with adults and all kinds of people and therefore manage this sort of potentially intimidating atmosphere very nicely. More important, by the time our students are nearing the midpoint of their 8th grade year they understand themselves as people and as learners, recognizing their strengths and their challenge areas, and that we all have things that are easier and more challenging. They are self-reflective and self-knowing and kind with themselves and others, and they are able to advocate for themselves as well as others. They’re uncowed by adults (an understatement) and ready to get involved. All of this makes them very desirable applicants and successful enrollees! Common refrains from high school admission personnel: “We love your kids! Send us more!” “Your kids get involved right away!” “We can always count on the Burgundy kids to participate and speak up!” Those compliments never get old!