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It's Spring Cleaning Time

Thursday, March 7, 2019

We are outfitting the Logan Loft kitchen and we would like your help!   

As you know, the wonderful new Logan Loft is equipped with a kitchen classroom, designed to be used in a number of educational ways and as a staging area for catering special events that may happen in the Loft or on the Campus Commons. We envision that the kitchen can be used as a teaching area for cooking classes and projects that might enhance classwork in science, mathematics, nutrition, culture, history, etc.

During our work for Martin Luther King Day of Service, for example, we made soup for 75 people who come to Meade Memorial Church for lunch, as well as hundreds of cookies for Carpenter’s Shelter residents and clients of their Hypothermia Shelter. We brought our own pots, colanders, cookie sheets, etc., but we realized that basic kitchen equipment that we expected to find wasn’t there—such things as hot plates to put under boiling pots of soup, oven mitts, dishwashing soap and sponges, a broom and mop for clean up, for example.

A group of us (teachers, parents and Middle School students) got together to make a list of items that we would like to have in any kitchen that would be used regularly for educational purposes, and thought that we might ask members of the Burgundy family if they had extras of any of these items that they might be able to donate. We ask that NO ONE BUY ANYTHING. Instead, if you are doing some spring cleaning, and have more than you need in some of these categories, that you consider donating it to make our kitchen a great place to work.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet.

If there are items you can bring in, please check them off or put your name in the “donation” box next to those items, so that we don’t end up with too many of any one item. If there’s something you can donate that we haven’t thought of and you think it should be in every kitchen, add it to the list.

Please bring items to the kitchen in the Loft.  We promise to organize, label and store these items so they can be easily used and cared for.

Thank you so much!

Charlene, for the Teacher-Parent-Student Kitchen Committee