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Fall Sports Summary

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Burgundy Blazers had a ball this fall! Our students had the opportunity to develop a positive self-concept and enjoy a sense of belonging to a team. The Blazers had many team and individual successes! Read this season's coach summaries to learn more about our student-athletes and their volleyball, cross country, JV soccer, and varsity soccer teams. 

Volleyball Fall 2018

by Coach EJ and Coach Barb

The Volleyball Blazin’ Blazers had an eventful and successful season. Led by Coach EJ (Emily Jonas '03) with assistance from Coach Barb Turner, the middle school Volleyball team grew tremendously over the course of this season. The team began with learning the basic rules of the game and focused on developing individual skills that eventually merged together to create a great blazin’ team. With a short season of three games, the Volleyball Blazers came away with a 1-2 record. In a tournament at Norwood School, the team was surprised to beat the hosting school in a 3-2 match win. Each Blazer served, digged, and spiked! It was an exciting start to our season. The closer against St. Stephen’s St. Agnes School was a learning process for our team and each volleyball player developed their mental sharpness for the game. Coach EJ is most proud of the Volleyball players for taking the risk, stepping into an unknown game, and being awesome! We wish the 8th graders luck in their future athletics and we will be ready for a strong season of Blazers, next year! Thank you to all of the players and families for a fun, dedicated, and overall short but great season!

Cross Country Fall 2018

by Coach Ivana

Congratulations to all runners for finishing a great season. The team had a great experience competing in a large meet in Loudoun County Day school with over 10 schools present. The girls team unexpectedly placed 3rd and showed that they would be a contender in the championship meet.

Five school teams with a total of nearly 100 runners participated in the championship meet this year. Despite a young, inexperienced team, the Burgundy girls placed first and the Burgundy boys placed second behind ACDS! The girls team was led by Mariel Carr (finished 1st) with our top five runners all placing in the top 10 of the race. The boys team was led by Graham Haberl (finished 4th) with our top five runners all placing in the top 20 of the race.

JV Soccer Fall 2018

by Coach Jon

The JV soccer team had a wonderful fall season of dodging raindrops, splashing through mud, slip sliding away on wet grass and kicking up a storm of fun. This will be remembered as the soggiest fall in recent memory, but that didn't faze this group of athletes one bit! The soccer squad worked on individual skills, learning to play as a group, learning the strategy of team soccer, and learning how to compete as a team. They also learned why you wear cleats on a wet field! And how to dribble around a possum.

The skill sets at the JV level vary widely because our teams run the gamut between players who are just starting to those who have quite a bit of experience. The program meets each child where they are and attempts to first develop and encourage a love of the sport, the enjoyment of learning how to handle the ball, and to enjoy and improve the skills of controlling, passing and shooting while moving at speed. It was wonderful to see each player progress in their skill development week to week. It was also so encouraging to see their self esteem and confidence grow and friendships blossom during practice and the adventures of away games.

There is a major leap for many of them as they learn to play as a team. The team requirements challenge the players to broaden their perspectives. These skills focused on playing to open spaces, quick passing, staying in their zone or position and trusting their teammates. The team scrapped to a 0-3-1 record, finishing the season coming from behind in a heartfelt effort to tie an excellent Capital Hill Day team, a squad who is always very good. This was a big achievement. It was a memorable season in many ways. It was an honor to coach these athletes and a pleasure to see them rise to challenges and grow both physically and emotionally.  

I'm very proud of all the runners who participated in the last meet. The Burgundy Cross Country team was comprised of 29 runners, with 22 participating in the championship meet. The effort by all runners was impressive throughout the season. Thanks to all parents and other loyal fans!  

Varsity Soccer Fall 2018

by Coach Bethany

Long before the Burgundy Varsity Soccer team finished their season with a 7-1 record, they had a vision. They were determined from the beginning to put a banner on the gymnasium wall! The Burgundy Coed Varsity soccer team spent fourteen training sessions together and developed more than just their technical and tactical skills. The team spent one September training session setting goals and built a solid rapport from that point forward. One of the team goals was to win the league tournament. Fast-forward to a chilly Friday in November at Bishop Ireton High School – the Burgundy Blazers played with tremendous pride and composure and executed tactically to defeat ACDS in the ABC league tournament championship!

The Varsity Coed Soccer team was comprised of sixteen student-athletes who all played a huge part in the team`s success. The defense played a key role as the Blazers only allowed eight goals over eight games and recorded three shutouts. Many players took part in the scoring attack and execution resulting in thirty-four goals over the eight games. The team's tactical theme was to play simple by connecting passes to feet and maintaining shape by covering under pressure. The Blazers had no problem sharing the ball and much of their success resulted from this unselfish tactical play.  

The eighth grade team members demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication and stellar skills on and off the field. The “stellar seven” consisted of Charlie Smith, Matias Cruz, Helena Dobbs, Michelle Amaya, Dion Harris, Maddie Pressley & Mikiyas Ebba – a special thanks for your dedication and hard work! The seventh grade team members brought excellent energy and heart to every training session. This team played with tremendous grit and battled for every ball on the field – earning all of their successes along the way!

Thanks Blazers for a sweet season and such an entertaining fall finale – 1, 2, 3- Blazers!