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Emergency Information

Weather Emergencies

School Closings

Burgundy makes its own decisions regarding school closings. In making our decision we will take into account conditions across the region. Our decisions will be broadcast on local television and radio news stations as well as published as early as possible on the homepage of the school website. We also will email parents when possible and send text messages to those who have subscribed to text message alerts.


Late Openings

In the event of a late opening, teachers will determine how best to rearrange the work for the day. Please note that we will not be able to provide any early morning childcare in the event of weather-related delayed openings, due to the dangerous road conditions presumed to exist.


Early Dismissals

In the event of an emergency or heavy snow occurring after the start of a school day, parents may come early to the Main Office to pick up children. The Main Office will call for your child. If an emergency requires early closing, parents will be contacted through email and automated phone call. An announcement will be posted on the website. The afternoon Extended Day program and all afternoon and evening activities will be cancelled. If a parent desires to make an early pick-up when the school has decided to close at the regular time, please alert the Main Office or Receptionist.


Inclement Weather Day Makeup Plan

After two consecutive snow days teachers may use email and/or the PCR Educator or Power School Learning systems to assign school work or teach lessons.


School Closing and Emergency Notifications

Burgundy is using an emergency notification system to announce school closings, early dismissals, carpool delays (due to hazardous weather conditions), and other emergencies. This system is capable of sending out notifications using email, SMS (phone text) and voice phone calls. In the event of a weather-related school closing or delayed opening, we will use the following media:

  • SMS (phone texts), for individuals who "opt-in" to receive them;
  • Homepage of the Burgundy website, www.burgundyfarm.org;
  • Radio announcements (97.1 FM, WTOP-103.5 FM, 820 AM, and 107.7 FM);
  • TV announcements (WRC-4, WJLA-7, Fox-5, and WUSA-9);
  • Email;
  • The automated message on the school's main phone number.

Please note that if the school is closed for the day, all activities will be cancelled, including Extended Day.

In the event of a weather-related early dismissal, we will notify parents and other emergency contacts using text and email. We will likewise use text and email notifications to alert parents and caregivers when carpool must be delayed or temporarily suspended due to harsh weather conditions.

Contact data from our student information system will be imported into the emergency notification system. A test will be conducted early in the school year prior to which we will send instructions to parents and other caregivers on how to "opt-in" to receive text messages on their phones.

If you have questions about your alert subscriptions, please contact Christen Kinard at christenk@burgundyfarm.org


Crisis Plan

Burgundy has in place a Crisis Management Plan. We regularly conduct drills to practice student and staff response to various possible emergencies, including fire drills, tornado drills, and “shelter in place” drills. In any emergency or crisis, our first concern is the safety of every student. We will endeavor to communicate promptly with parents whenever an emergency occurs, using appropriate methods including telephone, email and our website. A copy of the Crisis Management Plan is available from the Head of School’s office.

1. Off-campus evacuation site: In the event that the campus must be evacuated in an emergency, our meeting point is Cameron Elementary School located at 3434 Campbell Drive, Alexandria, VA 22303.

2. Alternate emergency campus exits: Should the main entrance to campus at Burgundy and Norton Roads be blocked or impassable, there are two emergency exits available: one on Elmwood Drive between Norton Road and Linnean Road, and the other on Sable Road off Franconia Road. You will be advised if either of these is used as a pick-up point in an emergency.

3. Communication with media: ONLY the Head of School or his/her designee will represent the school to the media. Requests for comments or information should be relayed to the Head of School.