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Diverse and Inclusive Community

Diversity and inclusivity are central to Burgundy’s purpose as established by the school’s founders, who were united by a vision of a small, cooperatively owned school serving an ethnically, racially and economically diverse student body. Our commitment is reflected in our curriculum, professional training and development, special programs, and admission and hiring policies. The following mission statement, adopted in the spring of 2005, serves as the foundation upon which our diversity programs are built:

Diversity at Burgundy:  An Inclusive Community Right From The Start

As an educational institution founded upon the principles of diversity, Burgundy Farm Country Day School vigorously pursues a campus community that reflects the diverse country in which we live. We are conscious and appreciative of the uniqueness of each individual and embrace the commonalities and differences among us.

Historically, diversity at Burgundy began in 1950 when it became the first racially integrated school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We honor this tradition and continue to evolve to include people of all ethnicities, races, religions, socioeconomic groups, cultures, colors, sexual orientations, and gender groups.

Toward this end, Burgundy demonstrates its commitment to diversity through its policies and practices in all areas, including but not limited to:

  • admission;
  • curricular and program development;
  • faculty and staff recruitment;
  • governance;
  • parent involvement; and
  • business relationships and outsourced services.

We pledge to uphold these principles and policies and provide leadership in their pursuit, with the expectation that all members of our community will support these diversity goals.

The faculty, administration, and staff work to ensure that the curriculum and learning environment embrace cultural differences. Creating a truly inclusive community requires a commitment to celebrating our uniqueness and listening to the voices of all individuals.