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Create/Change Password Instructions

An account has been created for each Burgundy parent/guardian on the Burgundy website. In addition to providing access to important materials on the website, this account will give you access to PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku). These are the instructions you need to complete your account setup. (These same instructions can be used to re-set your password at a later date.)

You should have already received a "Welcome" email containing your username, which you will need to follow these instructions. In most cases, your username is firstnamelastname (example: janedoe) as your username. If that doesn't work, or if you encounter other problems, please contact Joe Peacock ( for help.

        1.      Visit the login page of the Burgundy website, We recommend you do this from a desktop or laptop computer initially, although the process will be similar from a cell phone or tablet.
        2.      Click on the "Request new password" tab at the top (just under the green navigation bar). Please do not attempt to log in or sign in with a Google account (this is for Burgundy faculty/staff only).
        3.      After clicking, a field will appear asking for your username or email. Type or paste your username (see above) and click on the "Email new password" button at the bottom. A notification should appear saying that a message has been sent to your email address.
        4.      Check your email, open the "Replacement login information" email, and click on the link.
        5.      This will take you to the "Reset password" window. Click on the "Log in" button at the bottom.
        6.      This will give you temporary access to your account page on the website, where you will create your new password! Please note that it must be at least 8 characters in length, including at least one capitalized letter, at least one number, and at least one special character (e.g., ! or %). When you have verified that your password meets the requirements and that you have correctly entered it in both fields, scroll to the bottom and click on the Save button.
        7.      When you see "The changes have been saved" at the top, it means you are now logged in to the website!

At this point you will be on the "My Portal" page on the website, which is visible only when logged in. It contains information, including some news and calendar items, available only to members of the Burgundy community. On the right-hand side of the page (bottom of the page on mobile devices) you will find icons to take you to PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku), Campbrain, and PCR Family Portal.

While Campbrain and PCR require a separate login at this time, you can connect with PowerSchool Learning directly without the need to log in again. In PowerSchool, you should see your child's class(es) listed on the left side. (Note: if you do not see a particular class, you may want to contact the teacher -- it is probably because the class has not yet been activated or the teacher has not yet added your child to the roster.)

If you previously had a parent account in PowerSchool Learning (Haiku), please note that this account replaces your previous account, and you may need to re-adjust your account settings, including your email notification settings.

When you are done using the website and PowerSchool Learning, we recommend that you log out from both by clicking on the "Logout" link in the top right corner of the website. In the future, you can log in from the "Login" link at the top right of the Burgundy homepage,, and we recommend that you bookmark the Login page at (On mobile devices, the "Login" link is accessible at the bottom of the hamburger menu.)

If you have any problems accessing PowerSchool Learning, do not hesitate to contact Joe Peacock ( Website questions can be directed to Meghan Williams (

Thanks for connecting with Burgundy online!