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Campus Renewal Construction Updates: October 27

Friday, October 27, 2017
Deck Railing from Field
Construction workers make progress on the back outside stairs and side deck of the new Arts & Community Center building. This view is from the athletic field.

The latest update from Forrester Construction, our contractor for the new Arts & Community Center and Campus Commons, is now available. It offers a photo tour of the community spaces and classrooms in the new building.

While work continues inside the building, subcontractors have also been busy recently on the Campus Commons, adding layers to its surface. Asphalt was added this week as one base layer. The top layer of the Campus Commons -- coming soon as work progresses -- will be multi-colored pavers made from recycled asphalt in a random pattern, creating a safe surface for the multipurpose, central space that will be easy for students, teachers, and families to use every day and during special events. Recall that the above-ground trench drains on the  Campus Commons direct water to an eco-friendly stormwater vault to collect and filter rainwater, allowing it to percolate into the ground slowly to protect the surrounding watershed.

A rendering of the Campus Commons
A computer rendering of how the finished Campus Commons may look in the future. This view is from the circular parking lot, with East Barn (library building) in the background and the new Arts & Community Center at right. (Open image in new tab or window for a larger view.)