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Best Practices for Carpool

Friday, September 7, 2018

Thank you for your patience as we all work to find our carpool rhythm at the start of this school year.

Carpool duration and lines improve after the first week. The line moves more quickly as we get settled and younger kids learn how to get in/out of cars more expediently. It especially helps when parents begin creating carpools, dropping off early (before 8:15 AM), and/or picking up slightly later (after 3:25 PM).

We need afternoon drivers to queue up on Norton Road below Burgundy Road. This means, coming from Telegraph Road, not turning left on Burgundy off East Drive but instead continuing all the way down to Norton Road, and then making a left toward Burgundy Road and the school.

For drivers who may find themselves coming from other directions (say Franconia Road or Burgundy Rd), once the line-up of cars extends beyond the Burgundy Road entrance (gravel road), cars must enter the carpool line down on Norton and not come in across the intersection.

Parents may not enter neighbors' driveways, make three-point turns mid-block or in any way block traffic or driveways.

Parents who walk in should park on Norton Road above Burgundy Road or on Burgundy Road out beyond Norton.

The speed limit is 5 m.p.h. (in both directions, entering and leaving campus). We must remember to drive like our kids could be playing in the neighborhood (they are) and the gravel road does not allow safe sudden stops (it does not).