Frequently Asked Questions

How much does camp cost?

For summer 2016 ... 

The Junior Session (1 week long) is $930.

The Senior Sessions (2 weeks long) are $1,595 each.

The Adult Weekend is $235; $415 for a couple.

2017 rates coming soon! 

Do you have to know about nature to attend?

No, but it helps if the camper has already demonstrated interest in nature, because most activities relate to nature in some way. We also recommend that first-time campers be sure they are comfortable being away from home on an overnight basis by sleeping over at a friend’s house or spending a weekend away with a relative or family friend.

Are most campers from Burgundy Farm Country Day School?

No. Although the BCWS program is popular with Burgundy Farm Country Day School students, most campers are from the general DC area and the mid-Atlantic region. The return rate of campers is very high (always over 60%), and for this reason the staff puts a great deal of effort from the outset to build a strong community in which all individuals feel included.

Who is best suited for this camp?

At BCWS we feel that immersion in nature is a healthy experience for all children. Any child able to meet our minimum standards for behavior (similar to expectations in the average classroom) is welcome at BCWS. This is not an outdoor adventure camp designed to help at-risk children.

What is the ratio of campers to staff?

All the staff spend time with the campers in different ways. There is one staff member for every two campers.

Are there sports?

BCWS does not include commonly organized sports in the program. There is a fresh-water pond with lifeguard supervised swim times, and during almost every swim time there is also a staff-supervised pick-up game of frisbee or soccer. Campers are very active every day due to hikes and other games that are integral to the program.

How much does camp cost?

For summer 2016 ... 

Most camps cost $385/week of camp (full day). Some specialty camps will vary in price. Families receive a 5% discount when enrolling a child for the entire 8 weeks of the Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp.

2017 rates coming soon!

What are the camp hours? Is before and after care offered?

The Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Drop-off arrival begins at 8 a.m. and runs until 8:30. Carpool dismissal begins at 3 p.m. and runs until 3:30.

Morning extended day is offered per session from 7 to 8 a.m. Afternoon extended day is offered per session from 3 to 6 p.m.

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What are the ages of our staff and counselors?

Senior staff are veteran school administrators and teachers. Lead Counselors are college students or recent college graduates, or in some cases, Education Professionals and/or teachers, with a background in summer camps and working with children. Many have spent multiple years at Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp. Assistant and Junior Counselors are typically juniors and seniors in high school or have just entered college, most of whom have completed our Counselor in Training program and many of whom are Burgundy alumni.

How are campers divided into groups? Can they be paired with their friends?

Campers in lower division are placed in coed, age appropriate groups.

Requests for campers to be placed with a friend must be marked in the online registration under group requests and made by all requesting families.  Placing campers together is based on age and availability.  We will make every effort to honor grouping requests but we cannot guarantee them.

What are our counselor-to-camper ratios?

Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp is an American Camp Association accredited program. Our staff to camper ratios, as set by ACA, are as follows:

1 staff person to 6 children for 3- to 5-year-olds

1 staff person to 8 children for 6- to 12-year-olds

In most cases, the Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp beats these ratios in order to maximize camper safety, and fun!

Is transportation offered?

Burgundy offers bus transportation service to and from select locations in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. Bus stops are conveniently located and based on ridership. Bus transportation is also available for children staying in afternoon extended care.

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Do we have swimming lessons?

Yes, Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp offers group lessons based on Red Cross curriculum as part of the camp day. These lessons are run by our certified lifeguard staff. Campers are evaluated on the first Monday of each session to determine their skill and comfort level in the water. All lessons are conducted in our very own outdoor pool.

We also offer additional, small group, semi-private before camp morning swim lessons that any camper can add to their session of camp. With these lessons the camper would swim twice each day, with the morning swim lessons more focused on swim techniques and water safety. 

Please see "Additional Camp Programs" for more information.

Do we provide snack and lunch?

Our camp will provide healthy and delicious snacks. We offer all campers a mid-morning snack and we offer campers in the afternoon extended care program an afternoon snack as well.

All campers must bring a lunch that does not require refrigeration each day. Camper’s lunches must have their name and the current date labeled on it.

Please remember, Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp is on a nut-free campus and no nut products of any kind are allowed.