Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Burgundy Farm Country Day School is responsible for the long-term stability and future viability of the school.


They oversee the management of the school, approve the annual budget, set tuition, determine school policy and ensure the fulfillment of the school’s mission through strategic and long-term planning.

The Board consists of up to 21 trustees, at least two-thirds of whom are current parents. Trustees are elected by members of the school corporation (current parents, faculty, staff, founders and life members) for three-year terms. In addition, the Head of School and an elected faculty member serve as non-voting members of the Board. Members of the parent body, faculty and staff are invited to attend monthly Board meetings and may be appointed to Board committees.

Click here to see the strategic plan adopted by the Board in 2008.

Board Members
 President Charlie Rawls 
 Vice President Joanne Petty
 Secretary Seileen Mullen
 Treasurer Neil Weissman 
David Aaron Pam Hunt
Chad Breckinridge Bruce Johnson
Jake Brody
Dale Johnson
Tara Casagrande
Catriona Macdonald McCormack
Chris Foster
Clark Madigan
Sheila Gardner
Fouad Saad
Kathy Graber
David Wales
Joanne Harris

Susan Hepler

Faculty Representative Chris Hughes

Serving as a Trustee


Nominations are accepted November through January, with elections in February. 

Trustees serve a three-year term, which begins in June.

For more information, contact Joanne Petty, chair of the Committee on Trustees. 

Nomination Criteria

Criteria Relevant To Selection of Trustee Nominees

Service as a Trustee for Burgundy is a serious responsibility that affects both the near-term and long-term future of our school. As Trustees, we are stewards of Burgundy’s present and future – its philosophy, its facilities, its place in the community, and its mission. Board of Trustee decisions may have significant and long-lasting consequences for the School.

The role of parent Trustees, in particular, calls for special care and judgment, since the role of the Board is to address matters of broad policy, mission and the medium-to-long term success of the school. The Board is not responsible for day-to-day operations of the school, and it is critical that parent Trustees appreciate the importance of distinguishing when they are wearing a “parent” versus “trustee” hat. If the two become merged, the Board’s important work may be compromised.

Desirable Attributes of an Effective Trustee

Understands and Embraces the Mission and Vision of Burgundy. A successful nominee is someone who is genuinely committed to the school and progressive education, and is able to advocate personally and broadly their excitement about Burgundy.

Understands and Embraces the Goals and Objectives of Burgundy's Strategic Plan.

Possesses Prior Volunteer and/or Community Service Experience.

Possesses a Mindset of Philanthropic Advocacy. We are most likely embarking on a substantial capital campaign and must grow our annual fund capacities in order to sustain the school. No matter what the level of contribution, all Trustees are expected to give to the school every year.

Understands Roles and Respects Boundaries. Understands that the role of a Trustee is governance and long-term leadership, not management. A Trustee must understand that the role of the Board is strategic and long-term, focused on enhancing the stability and fiscal health of the school while remaining true to its mission over the medium-to-long terms.

Demonstrates Collegiality/Is a Willing Team Player.

Exercises Integrity, Judgment and Discretion.

Exhibits Broad, Strategic Thinking.

Embraces and Respects Diverse Perspectives. Consistent with the school’s legacy, mission and values, the Board is benefited by having Trustees with a diversity of perspectives, ethnicities, and backgrounds

Has the Willingness and Capacity to Devote the Time and Effort to Reliably Meet Board Obligations. Trustees must have the time and ability to work hard on Board projects, taking full ownership and responsibility for matters placed in their charge, and delivering professional results on time. Trustees must be available to attend approximately 10 Board meetings a year, and to serve actively on at least one committee.

Excerpted from Trustee Election Policy and Bylaws
(Adopted January 12, 1993; revised June 2009; reviewed every year)

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Past Presidents
1940s Geoffrey Lewis
1950s Edward Behre
Edward Browne
William Flaherty
James Johnson
John Soleau
David Scull
1960s Douglas Adams
Drexel Godfrey, Jr.
Jack Mower
Ann Sutton
George Weber
John Woolverton
1970s Bill Dean
Tom Helde
Noel Hemmindinger
Les Schoene
Lois Walker
Ruth Woods
1980s Deborah Ives
Patrick Murphy
Carol Quillian
Ruth Woods
1990s Janine Harris
Diane Henry
Barbara Simmons Hoffar
Susan Jonas
Ron Pollack
2000s Susan Jonas
Frances Purkert
Margaret Gardner
Christina Holt
2010s  Holly Sloan