Teaching Citizenship During the Presidential Campaign

Moriah Balingint of The Washington Post visited Burgundy to learn how Lower School faculty are teaching citizenship and election processes during the unconventional 2016 presidential campaign.

The 2/3 Buckeyes learned what good citizens do, while the 5th grade Coopers examined positive and negative characteristics of characters from Wabi: A Hero's Tale, a book they're reading in class. Meanwhile, the Redtails are engaging in the current campaign, including an assignment to watch a segment of the most recent debate.

Print version: "Keeping election talk G-rated"

Online versions:

"Teachers struggle with a presidential campaign full of vitriol, adult themes"

"'They talked a lot.' What children are telling their teachers about the presidential debates"

After the election, the Post checked in with Burgundy again, to see how teachers were finding teachable moments from the election results. Reporter Moriah Balingit quoted 5th grade teacher Mary Akeley in a story published November 9:

"Amid tense student emotions, teachers struggle with polarizing election outcome"