Middle School

The Middle School Division includes sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

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Students in the Middle School have unique educational, social and emotional needs, and so they learn in a school environment that allows for their individuality, need for creative expression, participation in decision making, need to be heard and to investigate who they are and who they are becoming. Our program helps our middle school students become aware of their civic and moral responsibility for the well being of others and their community. We seek to help the middle school student further develop positive attitudes toward learning, responsible choice-making, active participation in his or her education, critical thinking skills, and a positive and clear sense of self.

In Middle School, students develop critical thinking skills in an integrated curriculum that helps them make connections between subject areas. The language arts program develops strong reading, creative expression and analytical and expository writing. The social studies program provides an understanding of Western social structure and thought, from ancient Greco-Roman society to U.S. history. Study of Asian and African cultures exposes students to contrasting ways of thinking and understanding the world. The science program engages students in firsthand experimentation and teaches the methods of scientific inquiry.

Middle School students also study Spanish or French. In addition, students are required to master a measure of computer literacy necessary for learning and working with current technology. A fine arts program consisting of studio and performing arts is integral to each student's program. A regular schedule of physical education, including skill building and sports, is mandatory.

Parents meet regularly at conference times and communicate most directly with their son or daughter’s academic advisor. Homeroom teachers and subject teachers are also a part of the middle school communication loop, and parents communicate with them as well.

Review our Middle School Guide (updated 2016) for an overview of curriculum, support, and student activities.