At Burgundy, our entire curriculum flows from our mission and our educational philosophy, which is supported by research and rooted in our unique history. Our hands-on approach to education cultivates independent thinking and promotes academic excellence.

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At every grade level, students learn in developmentally appropriate ways that instill a lifelong passion for learning. Our integrated curriculum emphasizes the interdependence of ideas, often weaving a single theme through social studies, mathematics, science, reading, writing, and fine and performing arts. This integratedness draws out student creativity and builds a deeper understanding of the subject.

Burgundy's academic program is divided into three divisions -- early childhood (junior kindergarten and kindergarten), elementary (grades 1-5), and middle school (grades 6-8). Classes in art, music, and physical education are an intrinsic part of students' overall academic program in all grade levels. Spanish and French are offered in Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Drama classes begin in second grade. A first-rate library serves all students. Field trips for all grades and exciting, project-based, cross curricular learning units at Cooper’s Cove, our wildlife studies campus in West Virginia for students in grades one through eight, complement the regular academic program.

Parent Involvement in Classrooms

Parents are important partners at Burgundy. Formerly a parent cooperative, we continue to rely on parent involvement in each of our classrooms, and parents share in and contribute to the excitement of learning at Burgundy in many ways.

In Early Childhood, parents are encouraged to volunteer once a month in their child’s classroom.

In Elementary classes, parents become more involved in special events, such as full-class theme-based units and Cooper’s Cove trips.

In Middle School, parent involvement continues at Cooper’s Cove, as well as in other school activities.

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