Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Division includes Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes. The primary goals of the program are to nurture a positive sense of self, a love of learning, and a balance between instruction and play.

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Each Early Childhood class is taught by two teachers who provide individualized and group instruction in language arts and math, science, and social studies. Children also have classes in art, music, physical education (including swimming), and the use of the library. Kindergarten students are also exposed to Spanish and French. These subjects are an integral part of each student’s learning at Burgundy.

Parents are partners in Burgundy’s Early Childhood education process, with teachers always available to discuss a child’s progress. The annual formal reporting schedule includes conferences with parents in November and March and comprehensive written reports in January and June. Parents play an active role by volunteering in the classroom on a regular basis and going on field trips. Regular parent participation in the classroom enriches the program and allows more one-on-one attention for the students.

Our Curriculum Guides are available here and in the Lower School Head’s office.