Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies (BCWS)

Trips to Cooper’s Cove are an integral part of the curriculum and academic experience at Burgundy.


Students participate in extended science and environmental studies that are central to our academic program. Students are introduced to the Cove in the spring of 1st grade and visit there for three days and two nights every spring and fall in the following years. Parents are vital to the success of the Cooper’s Cove program as they play supportive roles. Parents enjoy trips to Cooper’s Cove because they offer valuable time with their children, their children’s teachers, and other parents. Room parents help organize car pools and coordinate volunteers for the various tasks performed during Cove trips.

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Cooper's Cove Files for Parents

Please review the most recent information and policies to prepare for trips to Cooper's Cove.

Cove Letter Fall 2016.pdf 

Cove Handbook 2016-2017

Cove Chaperone Policy 2016-2017